East Yorkshire Cross Country League Rules

As revised and agreed by XC committee members on 2nd August 2023

1. Eligibility

Participants must be fully paid up first claim members of one of the organising clubs, affiliated to England Athletics.

Second claim and guest runners are not permitted.

2. Ages

The minimum age to compete in the league is 17 years old. This being the age at the first race of the season.

Likewise, age groups will be decided by the runners age at the first race of the season.

The age groups are:

  • M, M40-44, M45-49, M50-54, M55-59, M60-64, M65-69, M70-74, M75-79, 80+
  • L, L35-39, L40-44, L45-49, L50-54, L55-59, L60-64, L65-69, L70-74, L75-79, 80+
3. Club Vests

Official club tops must be worn as the outer garment.

A club top can be a vest, T-shirt or long sleeve shirt. They must include the club's name and or logo/badge.

A plain top the same colour as the official club top is not permitted.

4. Race Numbers

Race numbers are to be clearly visible, worn on the front of club top and secured by four pins.

They must not obscure the club name or badge.

5. Headphones

Headphones are not to be worn at any of the league races.

Also, runners are not allowed to play music from any device carried upon their person.

6. Time Limits

Participants should be capable of completing the races at an approximate minimum pace of around 15 minutes per mile, over typical cross-country courses.

7. Point Scoring and Awards

Team awards will be decided on the results of all season’s races.

The first six men and first four women at each race will score points for each team.

The points scored will equate to the gender finishing position (e.g. finishing 1st scores one point). The team with the lowest accumulated score over the season is the winner.

Individual awards will be decided on the individual's best five results of season.

In the event of a meeting being lost (e.g. due to extreme weather), then four out of five races will count. The individual with the lowest accumulated score of their age group will be the winner. A minimum of five races (or four if a meeting is lost), must be completed to be eligible for any award.

Awards are presented on the day of the final race in March.

8. Cancellation of Races

The final decision for cancelling a race, for example in bad weather, lies with the host club.

9. Runners Changing Clubs Mid-season

If runners decide to change clubs mid-season they will no longer be allowed to compete in the league until the following season.

10. Failure to Comply with League Rules

Failure to comply with Rules 3, 4 and 5 during a race may lead to disqualification. Disqualification would be from that race and not from the league season as a whole.

For any reported infringements the race referee will interpret the rules on the day, taking into account any mitigating circumstances before making their decision.

Runners are entitled to appeal disqualification, this should initially be through their club rep.

11. UKA Anti-doping Regulations

All runners must comply with UKA anti-doping regulations, as stated on the league entry form, which must be read and signed.